Create A One Pager To Pitch Your Startup To Investors

A one-pager is about a accounting angle for your company. It is a simple and abbreviate certificate that gives a high-level overview of a product, service, or a business. It is a avant-garde adaptation of a brochure.

Investors generally see your one-pager; as the controlling arbitrary of your project. It is at-a-glance a actuality area summarizing every important point about your business. One pager is acclimated for announcement your business or what you’re offering, your eyes and why you angle out from the competition. It is aswell a presentation acclimated internally if discussing your adventure with added accomplice and investors. If you wish to angle your business, a lot of humans apparently accept bisected or will not accept to you at all. Presenting yourself with a aggregate of the cardboard is not traveling to plan in the 21st century. There are abounding online accoutrement that advice to body your startups. You should aces a belvedere that lets you accumulate your one-pager up to date.

One-Pager Examples:

One-pager is a beheld presentation. It is an simple and quick way to present your account instead of accepting to apprehend abounding pages of documentation. Use altered colors and/or archetype to individualize anniversary section.

A one-pager is bare to succinctly back your bulletin to your ambition audience.

Designing a Beautiful One-Pager:

Keep it simple

¬≠Investors are beneath acceptable to apprehend your bundles of page. You accept to be bright and abridged on what you are autograph about. It shouldn’t be brimming with words. Your one-pager should accept simple to read, abbreviate and to the point content.

Set up a analytic layout

Remember your one-pager is not your description book. It should accept a able look. This shows investors that you accomplish an accomplishment in all aspects of your venture. You should anticipate the able anatomy of your agreeable for an alarming account experience.

Strengthen your adventure with multimedia

As we all are a beheld learner, it is bigger to adorn agreeable with photos and videos. No amount how artistic agreeable you write, if you don’t use multimedia, affairs of accident readers’ absorption would be high.

Grammar and spelling

Investors cannot go through cacographic one pager accepting spelling and grammar mistakes. It doesn’t beggarly acceptable grammar showers you with acceptable credibility but absolutely bad grammar looks amateurish and let you down.

The absolute team

Your one-pager accept to accept your aggregation affiliate data – who the aggregation is and how they can accomplish the task. As Investors advance in people, they are added affair to aggregation who is traveling to accompany them.

Uses of One-Pager:

One-pager is bare to succinctly back your bulletin to your ambition audience.

Summarize the activity in individual annal page

Advertise your bounded business to added surrounding businesses

Show an overview of a artefact or casework to investors

Summarize your eyes and plans

Analyze how you angle from the competition

Allow printout of a one-page abridgment of your artefact to appearance to others

Create and authorize a beheld cast focus

The capital objectives of one-pager are to accomplish a claimed account about what you wish to bear to others- what you’re offering- how you’re traveling about it- what is your vision, final thought- and why you angle out from the competitors?

What should you cover in one-pager:

You may get balked aggravating to abscess down your big account into alone one-page. But it ability be the alone affair an broker reads afore chief to move on with you.

One-pager should cover the following:

Customer Problem

Your solution

Business/ Revenue model

Target market

Competitive advantage

Sales/Marketing Strategy

Management team

Financial summary

Funding required

What Not To DO

Create one-pager in such a way that your admirers will accept acutely about the abstract from your one pager.

Don’t explain too much; you are not call the story

Don’t over too abounding images

Don’t anticipate autograph bisected a page will accord it the best consequence – accomplish able use of quotes and images.

– business services brochure template